Celebrating Advent: Writing Letters to Santa

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If I have heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times the past few weeks…”What do the kids want for Christmas?”  My answer?  I don’t know!  Oh, there are plenty of things that they see on TV and say “I want that!”  But they want everything they see, so we have to figure out what they really want (otherwise Christmas gifting could really get out of hand!)  One way that we do this is by having a family evening where we write our Letters to Santa.

One way we keep gift giving under control is to set a limit on how many gifts they can receive.  In our house, you only get three presents from Mommy and Daddy (oh, that includes from Santa as well).  We have always tried to teach our children that since Jesus only received three presents, we shouldn’t expect anything more.  (Now, before you start attacking me in the comments section, they still receive presents from each other and from the grandparents and aunts and uncles, but they only get three “big” presents.  Trust me, they have plenty of gifts to open come Christmas morning!)  This philosophy of three is reflected in the printables I created for advent this year.  You can have all of those printables, including this “My Letter to Santa” by subscribing to my newsletter.  Once the girls have decided on their three gifts, all other “I want”s get added to a list for siblings and grandparents to peruse. 

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As you can tell from these two pictures, I have two different printables…one that is a more fill-in-the-blank style for the little ones, and one with just lines for children that are able to write.  Once the letters are finished, I scan them when the girls aren’t looking.  I keep a copy so someday they can look at them and giggle.  Santa doesn’t mind getting copies.  He hasn’t complained yet!

One copy goes into an envelope and is stamped and sealed so we can take it with us when we go to see Santa at the mall.  We mail our letters at Macy’s, because for every letter Macy’s gets between now and December 24th, they will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish – up to $1,000,000.

Celebrating Advent- Writing Letters to Santa -  Not Quite Mom of the Year

Even though she can’t write yet, our three year-old was very excited to write her letter with Daddy.  Her letter says she wants a “Momma Toy.”  ???  Ok, so I guess these letters won’t solve all of the “What do the kids want?” problems.  I guess I have a little more detective work to do!

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This and all of my Advent printables are FREE for everyone who subscribes to my newsletter.  Not a subscriber yet?  Sign up for the newsletter here…it’s free too!

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  1. We love letter writing and especially ones to Santa! Wonderful pictures – thanks for sharing.

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    Sharon and Denise

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